Cultus boutique winery

Handcrafted wines from the heart of the Vipava valley.

We are Cultus - a boutique winery committed to producing wines in a pure and natural way.


Contributing a lot of manual work, effort
and dedication, we follow the Nature's idea
of wine.


Often said, but very true, all great wine starts in the vineyard. It is truly all about place in combination with the highest quality fruit and letting the varietal and regional typicity of the wine shine through from vineyard to glass.


Our winery comes from a traditional winegrowing farm. We are located in the village Podraga at the foot of Vipava hills, 186 meters above the sea. Come to our wine tasting and taste Vipava valley wines.


Our ultimate goal is to create the purest expression of the grape, the terroir, and the vintage. We work with as little intervention as possible, enabling each wine to evolve as intended.

our wines

Pure & handcrafted

Embracing rather than attempting to control Nature.

When I talk about wine I talk about myself

Ask me about wine and I will talk about me. I will tell you my story, which reflects in my wines - giving each a unique personality and character. My character.

We had a great experience here! Very kind people who really took the time to get to know us and tell us about the history of the vineyard, the wines and themselves. Definitely worth a visit when in Vipava region.

Koenraad B

Visitor from Belgium

Excellent red from Vipava. Merlot, CS, PN, for me nice surprise. Dark ruby 🍷 Complex taste, Blueberry, cinnamon, vanilla on the end , pleasant long lasting aftertaste. Nice acidity and tannins.


review on vivino

Excellent wine. I love Zelen wines since I got to know them on holiday in Slovenia. This one is a very good one


review on vivino

Calling all wine enthusiasts!

Embark on a remarkable journey through the flavors of the Vipava Valley by joining us for an extraordinary and unforgettable local wine tasting experience.