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Wine growing tradition

Cultus estate

The vinery is located in the exceptionally picturesque village of Podraga, whose narrow lanes and high stone walls are not only photogenic but necessary to protect against the fierce winds (Burja) that regularly rumble down from adjacent Mt Nanos. The village Podraga is located at the foot of Vipava hills, 186 meters above the sea. The winegrowing and winemaking tradition at the Cultus family farm goes back to the 17th century.

Winemaking is an art form

Discover our wine

Contributing a lot of manual work, effort and dedication, we follow the Nature’s idea of wine.


Podraga 67, 5272 Podnanos

Vipava valley, Slovenia

Gsm: +386 40 425 691 (Matej)

E-mail: info@cultus.si (Matej)

E-mail: cultuswines@gmail.com (Carolin)

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you

Cultus Vinery

Often said, but very true, all great wine starts in the vineyard.  It is truly all about place in combination with the highest quality fruit and letting the varietal and regional typicity of the wine shine through from vineyard to glass. We allow the wines to develop on their own with little intervention, not to manipulate the wines inherent personality.

Matej Žvanut

Great wine is the sum of many details.

The art & science of winemaking

Great wine is realized at the 3-way intersection of art, science, and hard work but everything starts in vineyard. As each vineyard has its own unique requirements, we manage each according to their inimitable needs. We are working to achieve a balance between the site, the vines, and the microclimates in each vineyard.  


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